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We wanted to say THANK YOU to our customers. After reflecting on the best way to do this, we hit upon an idea: FREE MONEY!


What? Free money?!


Yes! Free money! Angry Ballerina Fabrics is introducing customer loyalty program with CASH BACK rewards! Earn points with every purchase you make, big or small, and redeem those points for CASH CARDS applicable on any order!


"Even items on sale?" YES! Even items on sale!


"Even with a discount code?" YES! Even with a discount code!


"This is crazy! The rewards must be tiny..." Cash back rewards start at 5% and get even better the more points you collect!

PLUS! Earn bonus points on selected items and collections!


PLUS! Stack them with discount codes, sales, and gift cards!


Are you ready to earn your CASH BACK? All you need to do is sign in (or register) an account to start collecting points TODAY!

Gift Card Value Points Required
$5 500
$10 900
$25 1800
$50 3500
$100 6000